Genie Corp.
Environmental Fabric Cleaners
Fresh air inside is easy and inexpensive to achieve

Residential & Commercial cleaning

Carpet Genie has been cleaning restraunts and homes for over 10 years. We give a very personal touch while remaing personal in our communication with you. There are no time limits, no constraints and we guarantee satisfaction before you pay a dime. No one in this industry can display this type of commitment as well as our price points.
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Transition Cleaning
We will make your home sparkle.
We are::
  • Located in 7 cities
  • Truckmounted equipment
  • Never expecting pre payment.
  • Licenced , insured and Bonded
  • Educated and trained in Bio hazardous material removal
At Carpet Genie we address the customers needs. Whether i is a move-in cleaning or vacat, we are aware that the ultimate goal is to : get your deposit back, leave or enter a perfectly clean home fvree of bacteria and allergens and or follow the instructions of a lease.
  1. Bio Hazardous Crime scene cleaning
    Swine Flu Decontamination & Cleaning Trauma & crime scene cleaning Bio hazard decontamination & cleaning Viral & disease decontamination & cleaning Road Traffic Accident’s Police / Prison cell decontamination cleaning D.N.A cleaning Replacement of contaminated floorboards Launder contaminated clothing & bedding